Maintaining Certification

The continuing education of building operators improves their ability to cope with changing technologies, equipment, and practices. To remain certified, a building operator must accumulate Maintenance Points. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) handles all BOC credential maintenance. Please visit NEEC's website for more details, or contact Amy Price at NEEC: 407-256-2757,

Please see the frequently asked questions below.

Why should I maintain my BOC certification?

Certification demonstrates your commitment to the profession. Over 75 percent of employers interviewed recognize the value of BOC certification and view it positively when reviewing resumes. BOC graduates find that certification confers credibility to their professional development. Over 90 percent believe it improves job performance and most plan to put BOC on their resume.

Awareness of BOC is growing nationally. Training is available in twenty-four states and over 12,000 operators hold BOC certification nationally. This makes the BOC credential more valuable and more widely recognized by employers.

When am I due to maintain my certification?

In January of the second year after certification has been awarded. For example, if you earned certification in any month of 2014, your certificate would be due for renewal in January, 2016. Thereafter, renewal is annual in January, with a March 31st deadline for submission.

How will I know it's time to maintain my certification?

Your expiration date is listed on your wallet card. In January when your certification expires, the BOC office will notify you, both in hard copy form and via email. You will have until March 31st to complete and return the application. You will also receive a reminder email in early March if the BOC office has not received your certification maintenance application. If you cannot fulfill the application requirements by March 31st, you will need to complete our BOC Renewal Extension Request Form.

It is also very important to note that the certification maintenance process is NOT conducted at the BOC's web site. Your certification maintenance invitation will provide you with all the access information you will need to maintain your certification. This is a separate process due to the need to verify renewal eligibility.

Please be advised that effective January 2011, applications submitted after March 31st will incur a late fee of $25. Those received after June 30th will be charged a $50 late fee.

When should I start accruing continuing education hours?

In the second year after certification has been awarded. For example, if you earned certification in any month of 2010, you would need to start accruing continuing education hours throughout 2011. Every hour of attendance in training is equivalent to one hour of continuing education.

Do I need to accrue CEUs?

You do not need to earn CEU's in order to maintain your BOC certification. We offer 1 hour of credit for every hour of education or other qualifying activity submitted. See Activities and Hours Earned Chart.

Which classes qualify for continuing education hours? How do I document the information?

Classes in the topics of building management, operation & maintenance, and energy management will qualify for continuing education hours towards BOC renewal. Keep a copy of a certificate or any other proof of attendance from the class and send copies along with your certification maintenance application.

How do I find out about continuing education opportunities in my area?

The BOC Bulletin provides a list of continuing education classes, conferences and trade show events in each issue. It is mailed to BOC graduates twice a year. You may also find training sessions in your area by contacting technical colleges and your electric and gas utility conservation departments. In-house training at your company qualifies if it is related to the field of facility operations and maintenance. You can also find suggestions for continuing education on this site.

If no professional development training is available in my area, what are my options for earning continuing education hours towards my certification renewal?

There are several options:

Enroll in a BOC web-based technical webinar. Earn 1.5 Hours of continuing education after successfully completing the webinar and taking the quiz.
Each BOC Bulletin also provides a technical article and quiz. You will earn one hour of continuing education for each quiz completed. Recent BOC quizzes can be accessed and completed online, then printed out for submission with your renewal. For older BOC Bulletins, the quiz is contained in the body of the newsletter.  It can be obtained online, printed, completed and then sent in with your certification maintenance application.

You can earn up to eleven hours of continuing education for completion of a special project to improve facility operation, maintenance, and/or energy efficiency in your company or organization. Examples of such projects include an upgrade of a lighting system, set up of a new control system, an HVAC system operational review, an indoor air quality assessment, a retro-commissioning project, replacement of older equipment with new energy efficient model (e.g., motors), and more.

I do not have sufficient hours to maintain my certification. If I cannot make the certification maintenance deadline, can I get an extension?

Yes, but you will need to complete our BOC Certification Maintenance Extension Request Form. Please be advised that effective January 2011, applications submitted after March 31st will incur a late fee of $25. Those received after June 30th will be charged a $50 late fee.

If my certification has lapsed, can I still maintain my certification?

Yes, you can maintain your certification within five years of an expired certification. To qualify, you must report sufficient hours of continuing education to cover the lapsed years as well as the maintenance fees associated for each year that your certification has lapsed. For example, if you are maintaining a Level I certification, you need 5 points per year. If your certification has expired for two years, you would need to show 5 points for each of the two expired years, for a total of 10 points of continuing education and the certification maintenance fee would be $130 ($65 for each year). For details on how to maintain an expired certification, please email

Is Level I certification required before beginning Level II training?

Level II certification requires more advanced knowledge and skills than Level I. Level I certification or equivalent education and training is recommended though not required, for Level II certification.
Applicants for Level II certification must have one of the following:

a technical degree and three years of experience working in operations and maintenance of a commercial or institutional facility,


a union membership at journey level and three years of experience,


BOC Level I certification and four years of experience.

Does BOC Level II supersede Level I?

No. BOC Level I and Level II are two different and distinct certifications, and one does not supersede the other. Level I is a certification which focuses on a broad understanding of the operations and maintenance of building systems and equipment. Level II is more targeted training in equipment troubleshooting and diagnostics as well as best practices in facilities management.

If I’ve earned both Level I and II certification, should I continue to maintain each?

No. Effective January 1, 2014, if you maintain your BOC Level II certification, your Level I certification will automatically remain current as well. You need only apply to maintain Level II certification. The maintenance points remain the same at ten points per year. Please note, the first year following Level II certification, the maintenance process must be completed to keep your Level I certification current if it is set to expire (before your Level II). Going forward, both certifications will be maintained through Level II renewal.

How will I know my certificate has been maintained? How long will the process take?

You will receive a confirmation letter and new wallet card with the new expiration date. Please allow up to 45 days for processing.  If paying by check, your payment will be processed following issue of the renewal letter.

How do I obtain a receipt for payment if I’ve paid by credit card?

A receipt of the credit card charge will be e-mailed to the cardholder (if their email address is provided) or directly to the student.  This will also serve as a confirmation of the certification maintenance.