For Graduates

Congratulations on achieving your BOC credential.  We are excited that you have joined the ranks of over 11,000 BOC graduates across the country. The BOC certification program continues to educate building operators on how to implement practical, energy-efficient measures at their facilities to save time and money.

Keeping up Certification

You have earned a highly respected certification within a dynamic industry. To demonstrate your commitment to your profession; it is important to maintain your certification annually through the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC). By continuing to improve the operations at your facilities, the projects you undertake and any further education in which you participate may qualify towards the annual maintenance of your BOC credential.

New Avenues of Learning

With the rising cost of energy, the need for efficient buildings becomes more critical with each day and continuing education provides a way to stay current in this dynamic field. Opportunities for Maintenance Points are offered at a variety of venues, and count towards your yearly certification maintenance.

Many BOC Level I graduates obtain Level II certification, which builds on Level I and allows students to go into greater depth in preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and system optimization.

New Graduate Opportunity -- BOC and BOMI Partnership -- BOC is excited to announce a new partnership with BOMI International, which will enable both organizations to further benefit facilities maintenance engineers and technicians by awarding competency credit between the BOC and BOMI SMT/SMA designations. Click here for more info.

Tell Us Your Stories

We always appreciate hearing how graduates have successfully implemented plans to increase energy efficiency at their facilities. Send us details of how you used techniques learned from BOC and possibly become part of our growing list of graduate profiles. We would love to hear from you!