Partnership Opportunities

We here at MEEA are always looking for new partners and partnerships. Here is a summary of typical partnership options, but as always, we are happy to explore additional ideas. For all funding partnership opportunities, the funding partner will define the student eligibility criteria. For example, the funder can require that the student's employer be a customer of a specific utility or located in a specific utility or located in a specific city/country. MEEA will coordinate with your team during enrollment and training to confirm eligibility and, where applicable, administer the incentive. 

Student incentives

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is the most common type of support that MEEA receives. For this option, the incentive is paid directly to the student after a class is complete if the student meets the eligibility criteria and completes all the course requirements and qualifies for the Training Certificate of Certification. 

In addition to defining the eligibility criteria, the funding partner chooses

  • The amount of tuition reimbursement; typically, between $15- to $1695 per student 
  • Whether MEEA or the funding partner will process and send payment to students. If MEEA will process payment than we request some administrative support, see below.

Discounted Tuition

For this option, the incentive is offered before the class begins and payment is made to MEEA, who will set up a special registration code for students that meet the eligibility criteria. 

In addition to defining the eligibility criteria, the funding partner chooses the amount of the tuition discount; typically, between $150 and $700 per student. 

Administrative Support 

Administrative support helps offset MEEA's costs for each training. Examples of administrative support include: 

  • Purchasing books for their students 
  • Providing a classroom space
  • Provide catering
  • Help facilitate a class field trip or tour of a local facility
  • Present to the class on other utility program opportunities or local resources
  • Dedicate a staff member to act as a site coordinator for classes
  • Partner with another utility to split costs or responsibilities

Marketing Support

If a partner does not wish to financially support MEEA but would like to contribute in a different way, MEEA is always looking for marketing partners to help us spread the word on upcoming trainings. Partners can include BOC trainings in their newsletters, mailers or email blasts. Partners are encouraged to use the language used throughout this website, please can always contact us for additional content. 

Additional support

If none of the above opportunities make sense for a partner, see below for additional ways partners can support BOC. And as always, we are happy to explore other ways to partner together and encourage you to email us at with your ideas. 

  • Participating in a Statewide Advisory Council or BOC Stakeholder Group with other in-state utilities, sponsors and promotional partners
  • Inviting MEEA to present on upcoming BOC training series at relevant utility customer events
  • Inviting MEEA to train account managers on BOC so they can recognize potential customer participants and recommend upcoming training series
  • Identifying customers with large building operator teams as potential targets for private, in-house BOC training
  • Partnering with MEEA on innovative delivery models, such as BOC for unemployed military veterans or for tribal members