Certificate vs Certification

What is the difference between the Training Certificate of Completion and becoming a Certified Building Operator?

Certified Building Operator has passed a national exam at the end of the Level I class series provided by a third party exam administrator. This exam confirms students have mastered the knowledge gained from their classes. The Certification indicates that individuals who pass the Exam have competence in critical job knowledge, skills and abilities, as outlined in the Exam blueprint. The Certification is aligned with an internationally recognized training standard (ISO 17024) which is valued by employers and provides assurance that BOC Certification is a valid and verified assessment of knowledge and skills in energy efficient building operation. A student with a Training Certificate of Completion has successfully completed the course but has not taken/passed the certification exam. Both options give individuals a competitive edge in their industry.


To earn a Training Certificate of Completion, you must

  • register for BOC classes.
  • successfully complete all classes and tests.
  • successfully complete project assignments.
  • submit an application to BOC.
  • maintain your status annually.


To earn a Certified Building Operator credential, you must

  • complete all steps required for the Training Certificate of Completion .
  • register for the national exam with a third-party testing center.
  • successfully pass the national exam.