Certification Exam

Beginning in 2017, in order to earn the Certified Building Operator designation, a candidate must pass a Certification Exam. The BOC Level I training course will prepare you for the exam. The exam will take place after the course is completed and exam applications have been reviewed. All graduates of Level I or Level II will earn a Training Certificate of Completion whether they take the Certification Exam or not. There is only one level of the Certified Building Operator designation.

What is the Certification Exam?

The Certification Exam is a 3-hour test addressing topics covered in the course training. It is 120 questions, 100 of which are scored. The other 20 questions will be used for future exam development. You must correctly answer 67 of the 100 scored exam items to receive a passing score. The blueprint for the exam is available below. 

The certification process is as follows. Successfully completing the training course is one component of eligibility. You will be guided through this process during your course training should you choose to register for the exam. 

  1. Complete Level I training
  2. Complete Certification Application
  3. Earn Training Certificate of Completion
  4. Sit for the Certification Exam
  5. Earn BOC Certification
  6. Maintain certification through annual continuing education and completion of maintenance process. 


To help you prepare for the Certification Exam, this page has an exam blueprint as well as an overview of which BOC classes and webinars may be beneficial to review before taking the exam.

You may purchase the newest versions of the BOC handbooks on the BOC Shop. Recorded webinars are available for purchase in the BOC Webinar Library. Please call (877) 850-4783 with questions regarding Certification Examination.